Metawidget is proudly: Open Source (OSI) Friend of the JBoss Community Open Invention Network


Metawidget is developed by the community. Blogs from Metawidget developers provide insight into Metawidget's development and allow feedback:

Kennard Consulting's Blog

Metawidget users also write occasional blog entries. In alphabetical order:

Blog Entry  
Racjonalny Developer Android + Metawidget = Interesting cooperation
MobileBytes Android UI Widget Kit
JBoss Community Asylum Forging Forge
DZone Interview with Richard Kennard
Mark Ashworth's Blog Introduction to Metawidget
Pathfinder Development Metawidget - Convention over Configuration Metawidget - a tool that generates Java forms
Singing Wizard's Blog Metawidget BeanUtils auto-update binding
ETF_DEVLAB Metawidget is an easy way to do a complex UI
Devtopics Metawidget meets db4o on Android
Stay Tuned with JK Metawidget!
Greek Java Man Metawidget, a useful framework for easy UI development
IT Republik Metawidget: King of the Hill
Techno-IT Metawidget: un framework graphique qui promet
Sachin's Tech Place Must have tools for the Smart Java Professional
In Relation To Seam 2.1.2

Research Publications

Metawidget has strong ties to the research and academic community. Research publications from Metawidget developers provide insight into Metawidget's theoretical foundations:

Authors Year Title Publication    
Kennard, R. 2012 Derivation of a General Purpose Architecture for Automatic User Interface Generation University of Technology, Sydney
Kennard, R. & Leaney, J. 2011 Is There Convergence in the Field of UI Generation? Journal of Systems and Software
Kennard, R. & Leaney, J. 2010 Towards a General Purpose Architecture for UI Generation Journal of Systems and Software
Kennard, R., Edmonds, E. & Leaney, J. 2009 Separation Anxiety: stresses of developing a modern day Separable User Interface 2nd International Conference on Human System Interaction
Kennard, R. & Steele, R. 2008 Application of Software Mining to Automatic User Interface Generation 7th International Conference on Software Methodologies, Tools and Techniques

Other research publications cite Metawidget. In chronological order:

Authors Year Title Publication  
Cerny, T., Chalupa, V. & Donahoo, M.J. 2012 Towards Smart User Interface Design International Conference on Information Science and Applications
Raneburger, D., Popp, R. & Vanderdonckt, J. 2012 An automated layout approach for model-driven WIMP-UI generation 4th SIGCHI Symposium on Engineering Interactive Computing Systems
Lienert, C., Jenny, B., Schnabel, O. & Hurni, L. 2012 Current Trends in Vector-Based Internet Mapping: A Technical Review Online Maps with APIs and WebServices
Cerny, T. & Song, E. 2011 UML-based enhanced rich form generation 2011 ACM Symposium on Research in Applied Computation
Stehno, B. 2011 Generování aplikací pro OS Android Ceské vysoké ucení technické v Praze
Oh, J. M., Lee, Y. S. & Moon, N. 2011 Towards Cultural User Interface Generator Principles 5th International Conference on Multimedia and Ubiquitous Engineering
Chalupa, V. 2011 Nová generace nástroje FormBuilder Ceské vysoké ucení technické v Praze
Bertoncelj, R. 2010 Parsek CMS 2.0 University of Ljubljana
Schill, A. 2010 Generierung von interaktiven OSGi-Komponenten für Android Technische Universität Dresden
Aispuro, E.E., Licea, G., Suárez, J., Sandoval, A., Carreño, M.A., Estrada, I., Juárez-Ramírez, R., Aguilar, L. & Martínez, L.G. 2009 Supporting the development of interactive applications in introductory programming courses Computer Applications in Engineering Education
Feldmann, M., Nestler, T., Muthmann, K., Jugel, U., Hübsch, G. & Schill, A. 2009 Overview of an end-user enabled model-driven development approach for interactive applications based on annotated services 4th Workshop on Emerging Web Services Technology
O'Hear, T. & Boudjenane, Y. 2009 Using Activity Descriptions to Generate User Interfaces for ERP Software 13th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction

Industry white papers are also available.