Metawidget is proudly: Open Source (OSI) Friend of the JBoss Community Open Invention Network


New users are recommended to follow the tutorial.

There are three downloads: one containing Java binaries, JavaScript libraries and documentation; another containing examples; and the third containing source code and tests.

Product Download Version Release Date  
Metawidget Java Binaries, JavaScript libraries and Documentation 4.2 14 Dec 2015
Examples 4.2 14 Dec 2015
Source Code and Tests 4.2 14 Dec 2015


Alternatively, for the JavaScript-based Metawidgets, you can download from our CDNs at:

Note it is recommended you follow the tutorial before downloading from the CDNs.


Metawidget binaries are deployed at Maven Central. Add the following dependency to your pom.xml...


Maven Fine-grained Dependencies

If you need more control over how Metawidget is included in your application, fine-grained dependencies are also available. For example you can:

  • reduce the final size of your application by only including those Metawidget plugins for technologies you use; or
  • resolve class loading issues by including different parts of Metawidget for different application tiers

To use fine-grained dependencies, specify dependencies on a per-technology basis (instead of using metawidget-all). For example:

  • org.metawidget.modules.faces:metawidget-richfaces
  • org.metawidget.modules.swing:metawidget-beansbinding
  • org.metawidet.modules:metawidget-jpa

Maven will automatically drag in related dependencies for you, such as org.metawidget.modules:metawidget-core.

To browse all available fine-grained dependencies search under metawidget-modules.

Bower Repository

Bower users can install Metawidget via our Bower repository:

bower install metawidget

Node.js Module

Node.js users can install Metawidget via npm:

npm install metawidget

Nightly Builds

Snapshot releases are available at They are also deployed to These nightly releases are not stable, and should not be used in production environments. Thanks to CloudBees and JBoss for hosting.

Archived Releases

Archived versions of previous releases are also available.