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Elevator Pitch Cartoon

The Metawidget 'elevator pitch' gives a quick overview of Metawidget in the time it takes to ride an elevator:

Morning John
Morning Bob
Hey, so what's that Metawidget stuff you've been using, Bob?
Metawidget is UI generation done right! It treats UI generation as an everyday part of the software stack, so it has a different philosophy to other products
In what way?
3 ways: first, UI generation shouldn't use static code generation! That may give you a headstart, but then you need to tweak the generated code, and regeneration gets cumbersome
Static generation is like a friend who can start you on the road, but can't stay for the journey
Exactly. UI generation should be done at runtime
Second, UI generation shouldn't 'own' the UI! You can't expect to generate everything - UIs are full of asthetics and psychology. The pieces you can automate have to fit nicely alongside other screen elements
Finally, UI generation should be a regular part of the software stack. It should work with your choice of persistence layer, business layer, UI framework...
...not dictate them
Well, that sounds cool, maybe I should give it a try
It's been working great for us - let me know how it goes for you! See you later John

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