Metawidget is proudly: Open Source (OSI) Friend of the JBoss Community Open Invention Network

Play with Metawidget right now, in your browser!

Metawidget is a smart User Interface widget that populates itself, either statically or at runtime, with UI components to match the properties of your domain objects.

Even though Metawidget is Free Software, licensed under the LGPL, we understand it still requires your commitment to download, install and evaluate. That's why we've put together this Live Demo - it gives you an immediate taste of Metawidget right here, in your browser.

Click the button below to start a Groovy console applet (may not work in all browsers) and populate it with a small script that:

  • defines a business model
  • configures Metawidget inspectors for Groovy, JPA and Hibernate Validator
  • launches a Swing-based Metawiget

You can then play with Metawidget by:

  • running the code
  • changing the business model code (adding fields, altering annotations etc.)
  • importing your own domain object JARs to see how Metawidget renders them